Common Literary Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Most of the new writers make several mistakes when writing essays. Most of the time, these errors are of grammatical nature. But, sometimes even experienced writers make mistakes, which are mostly conceptual in nature. If you want to improve your essay writing skills, make sure that you stay away from the most commonly committed literary mistakes. Here you would find some of these common mistakes.

Grammatical Mistakes

Mistakes of grammatical nature are the trademark of the new essay writers. The new writers are prone to committing a large number of mistakes while dealing with the rules of grammar. But, with practice and a better understanding, these mistakes gradually decline in their severity as well as frequency.

Punctuation Mistakes

The sense of a sentence can change entirely if the punctuation is not used properly. This is what makes it necessary to use punctuation marks accurately and at the right places. Otherwise, the meaning of the sentences wouldn’t be clear to the reader.

Mistakes of Sentence Structure

Another common mistake made by essay writers during the early part of their writing career is in the sentence structure. Most of the writers aim at creating longer sentences so as to create a better impression on the readers. However, they fail to give an accurate structure to the sentence, making it more complex. On the other hand, they create unstructured sentences that leave a poor impression on the readers.

A writer needs to understand the proper usage of commas when it comes to creating properly structured sentences. On the other hand, if you are unable to do so, you would do better by creating shorter sentences that makes sense, and give the additional information in the next sentence.

Misused Words

The case of misused words involves the usage of grammatically incorrect words or using words in place of more suitable words. As an essay writer, it is essential to know the exact meaning and context of specific words you are using. Even though the dictionary can be helpful in finding the meaning of a word, but the context of word can be learnt only through experience.

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