Academic Essays and thesis statements: The essentials

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill and people who possess this skill appear to be successful in their jobs. The purpose of writing academic essays and papers is to improve and polish this skill. You would be assigned writing different types of essays on different levels of education. The objective again is to develop critical thinking and challenge students on different levels. In this regard, it would be a good idea to get familiar with the four discursive writing styles as they are commonly assigned to students. The objective of this article is to explain in detail about thesis statement and how should you go about formulating it.

Thesis statement is a topic sentence

One of the core components of any essay is to formulate a thesis statement. You have a chance of scoring well in all writing courses if you get a good grasp of what thesis statement is and how you should write an effective one. Developing the quintessential skill to write a thesis statement would also help you in better communication at the work place later in your life. Thesis statement could be thought of as a topic sentence for your entire essay. So, basically it informs the readers about the main focus of your essay.

It helps in generating topic specific ideas

A good thesis statement is quite helpful in summing up the topic to readers, but is this the only thing which it does? No, it not only helps the audience but it also assists the author in staying focus on the topic of the essay and in generating further ideas. It will prevent you from digressing in your essay.

Three components of a thesis statement

Once, we have established the main purpose of writing a thesis statement now would be a good time to also discuss how a good thesis statement is formulated. Well, it has to have three parts. First part deals with the general topic of the essay. The second part should be concerned with your attitude and opinion towards the topic. Lastly, you should also talk about what you are going to cover in your essay or what aspects you are covering in your paper.

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